Days 12-16: mid month doldrums  

Friday, January 23, 2009

Um, yeah. So, I didn't quite realize how tricky this was going to be, but I'm running out of ideas. Gonna have to start photographing more people, cause I can't think of many new ways to shoot the city in the fog (plus I think the fog is rolling out).

Day 12: the seawall in Coal Harbour:
Day 12

Days 13-16 in the 2nd half of the post (note - 14 and 16 are good, just ignore 13 and 15):


Day 13: self-portrait #1 is a pretty clear sign that I'm starting to run out of ideas...
Day 13

On day 14, the fog pulled through for me, just minutes from midnight:
Day 14

Day 15 was another miss, lame photo (I do like the sky though) from my balcony:
Day 15

Yesterday, I decided I needed to get out of downtown to break the slump and get something a little different. Day 16 is from the pier at Jericho Beach, looking back to the city skyline:
Day 16

It's a pano, so I recommend checking a larger version.

So, that puts me halfway through, hopefully I can continue to find new stuff to photograph over the next 2 weeks...

1 comments: to “ Days 12-16: mid month doldrums

  • Steve
    January 24, 2009 at 7:39 AM  

    Hey Andrew,

    Loving this new project of yours!

    As a transplanted Vancouverite it's great to see some superb shots of the city. I'm sure there will be more great shots, and I have no doubt that you'll not run out of ideas!

    If you need another good view of downtown, there are some great shots from 8th and Discovery.

    Keep up the good work!