Pentax-M 135/3.5  

Monday, June 18, 2007

Last weekend, while I was visiting my dad, I had the opportunity to try out one of his old-school Pentax lenses: the Pentax M 135/3.5

The lens was dirty, scratched, host to a very impressive colony of fungus, and older than me but, like my M 50/1.7, it mounted on my K10D as if it was made only yesterday. While the lens isn't particularly fast, it delivered impressive sharpness and smooth bokeh, and I found the focal length to be very useful on the 1.5 crop factor K10D (~200mm equiv. Pentax, are you listening? A DA* 135 2.0 would be perfect...). My only complaint is with regards to chromatic abberation: the lens is rather prone to lateral CA (blue-yellow) at all apertures. Lightroom (and other RAW converting software) deals with this problem very well, so in the end it isn't much of an issue.

There wasn't really anything overly exciting going on during my stay (their local bear cub failed to show himself while I was there), so I had to settle on the driveway and the flower garden as my main subjects...

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